Thursday, April 19, 2012

How to make 100 dollars a day

How to make 100 dollars a day How to make 100 dollars a day
Have you heard it before? How to make 100 dollars a day, how to make money fast and other over hyped methods from Clickbank products and Warrior forum Wso’s. I have read formulas that claims that you can make 100 dollars a day working only one hour per day five days a week. But to be honest, who believe such BS? To make 100 dollars a day, you need to work very hard. I don’t say it is impossible because you can make even more than 100 dollars a day, but you have to work hard to get there.

So, How To Make 100 Dollars A Day?

Many internet marketing gurus talk about niche marketing and how important it is to target a small niche and build your list to make money. But the competition is hard in almost every niche, and it is also hard to know which niche to target. A thing you can do is to target a broad niche and create a large amount of keyword researched content. What I am talking about is to write articles about a lot of things in a broad niche like Tennis and create a WordPress website about it. There are Tennis Rackets, Tennis Shoes, Tennis Shirts and so on, write about everything that is associated with the Tennis niche. But before you start writing, you need to know which keywords you have to use, to get traffic.

A good tool is the free Google keyword tool, but the best keyword research tool is market samurai, it got a free trial so there is no risk involved to try it. Ok, target keywords that get 100 – 400 searches per month, you want to be able to rank for the keywords so don’t target higher search numbers. The hard part is to create content and finding keywords, it takes time. But if you can create 200 posts in 3 – 4 months you can get a real authority website. You only need 5 visitors per keyword to half your post to reach 500 visitors per day, some keywords get more some less ofcourse. If you manage to build such a big website, you will get traffic from all kind of weird search terms. Remember, to build a big site like this is like having a part time job so make sure you have the time.

SEO is important, so you need to optimize every post for the search engines. You can do it by hand or use a SEO plugin. Building backlinks is also important and that you can do by posting on blogs and forum or outsource to a backlink service or Fiverr etc. Check this video below about On Page SEO:


To monetize the website, use both Adsense and affiliate links. 70% of your articles should be information articles and 30% sales articles. Put your best money articles in a list on the right sidebar above everything else. Write a good title because people tend to click on these kinds of links, especially if it is top ten list or something like that. There is no guarantee that you will make 100 dollars a day but if you take the time to do a proper keyword research, you can get 300 – 600 visitors per day, and that means clicks and sales.


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